Galwaniczne nakładanie
powłok cynkowych

We care for the environmentEcology

The pro-ecological actions minimising the influence on the natural environment are very important to us. We are carrying them out by:

  • the ruthless obeying of all legal rules concerning the environmental issues (in scope accomplished by us)
  • the application of modern technologies neutralising sewage in the own sewage treatment plant
  • the reclaiming of after-neutralizing council waste, etc.

In all cases concerning the environmental protection, we are leading the open cooperation with offices and all partners connected with us by contracts, informing the interested parties about the undertaken actions in this area.

We are informing that the zinc layers (II and IV) made in EMERES PRODUKT meet the requirements of the European Union concerning the application of materials (zinc layer) of heavy metals, according to the Directive 2000/53/EC and the following change from 27.06.02 (2002/525/EC).

Why us?We focus on quality

We are performing the layers in accordance with the norms requirements: PN-EN 12329; FIAT 9.57405; DIN 50961 or client’s WTO (technical conditions of acceptance).


Our company uses the enova system